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The man behind the legend, our first generation , Shri Anant Seth Vitthal Gawli primarily in the business of milk distribution to various British military camps and preparing a typical Indian tradition sweets on a small cart, which he carted along. That was before 1914 when the nation as a whole was still struggling for freedom. He was 35 years old, he dared to dream, and his dream dared to become a reality and a Spectacular success. He established well known “Anant Halwai” on auspicious day of Dashera in 1914. Thus, the saga that began in the busy and crowded lanes of Kalyan near Mumbai went on to become a sort of rags to riches dream. The sheer willpower, grit and determination of the man have become part of what one can call Historic Folklore. Apart from he always believes in superior input for superior output.

The second generation son, Shri. Amrut Gawli also known as Balseth took charge of existing business, he innovated various types of products like Keshar Shrikhand , Keshar Peda, , Dry fruit Halwa, the innovative product MANGANI HALWA, which is invariably distributed during Engagement ceremony in Mohamedians surrounding suburban of Mumbai. The total quality concepts, shelf life, and innovative varieties in Dry Fruit, Namkeens field further developed by Shri. Vitthal Gawli & Shri. Eknath Gawli son of Shri. Amrut Gawli.