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Sweets and Anant Halwai seem to be made for each other, there seems to be a strange chemistry between the two. Both don’t compromise on the quality aspect and the same has been the hallmark of the Anant Halwai mithai’s most popular items like Shrikhand, Amrakhand, Kesar Peda, Kalyan Halwa and Dry Fruit Halwa. It is interesting to know the humble beginning of the sweet mart and the numerous obstacles that it had to overcome to reach the position one in our region. Anant Halwai has become a household name for sweets in Mumbai and suburban of Mumbai. For over 100 years now, we've been adding a sweet touch to every auspicious occasion. We have a history that we are proud of and have been providing our customers with a tasteful, fresh and nourishing experience of decades.

We have our own main manufacturing facilities and our own well furnished four showrooms in city’s prime locations and also franchisees, authorized dealer agent network in around Maharashtra. We have also extended our reach to Indian consumers settled in International cities, covering places like -Europe, Middle East, US and Saudi. By default Anant Halwai can be termed as “Taste of Tradition”.

Our Specialities:

There is certain thing which goes to make Anant Halwai Sweets the special sweets shop that it is today and one, which spells Simply Superb. It has the tastiest thing going around in the form of the Kaju Sweets, Shrikhand, Amrakhand, and Kesar Peda and not to forget the Special Kalyan Halwa and Dry fruit Halwa. The other unique features are: The year round “BEST SELLER” is definitely its most popular Mix Sweet Pack. These Sweets are also available in smart gift packs in various size and shapes. The sweets are made of Rich and Pure Ghee.

Our Motto:

Treating every individual customer as a very special and meeting their requirements to the best possible satisfaction is the motto of this Organisation. We will carry forward the goodwill of Anant Halwai’s QUALITY & TASTE further following the footsteps of our elders and constantly improvising the service, quality and taste of our products.


All the ingredients that are procured sealed, and are then cleaned and segregated very carefully by our quality control team. The inputs are used batch wise only sample of every final product dispatched out of the production unit is batch wise tested in our in house Lab. All the ingredients used are as per standard norms. We are mostly using natural colours as far as possible and if any other colour used is as per the norms of FSSAI. All our products are made either in refined Oil or Pure Desi Ghee. All the above is to just ensure the Best Quality Products to our esteemed customers.


As per the latest demand from our esteemed customer’s feedback and guests and with the suggestions and recommendations from our specialists on penal who carry out tasting sessions from time to time, we keep introducing new products. This is just to ensure that every time you enter our outlet, you would be tempted to buy these latest introductions. With the response of customers, our Director Mr Praful Gawli take initiated and developed our fast moving product Amrakhand. One of the most modern kitchen, equipped with the best of the international kitchen equipments for the best quality and timely execution of orders under the expert supervision of our trained and department head. Everything is produced in the most hygienic environment and packed and sealed to keep everything fresh.


We have approximately 90 to 100 staff members, handpicked, well-trained and experienced staff to look after production, packing, supply chain management and counter sales, all feel pride in the association with Anant Halwai Pvt. Ltd. You will find them very eager to assist you and to satisfy your needs to the best satisfaction, as per your choice with touch of our tradition.


The man behind the legend, our first generation , Shri Anant Seth Vitthal Gawli primarily in the business of milk distribution to various British military camps and preparing a typical Indian tradition sweets on a small cart, which he carted along. That was before 1914 when the nation as a whole was still struggling for freedom. He was 35 years old, he dared to dream, and his dream dared to become a reality and a Spectacular success. He established well known “Anant Halwai” on auspicious day of Dashera in 1914. Thus, the saga that began in the busy and crowded lanes of Kalyan near Mumbai went on to become a sort of rags to riches dream. The sheer willpower, grit and determination of the man have become part of what one can call Historic Folklore. Apart from he always believes in superior input for superior output. The second generation son, Shri. Amrut Gawli also known as Balseth took charge of existing business, he innovated various types of products like Keshar Shrikhand , Keshar Peda, , Dry fruit Halwa, the innovative product MANGANI HALWA, which is invariably distributed during Engagement ceremony in Mohamedians surrounding suburban of Mumbai. The total quality concepts, shelf life, and innovative varieties in Dry Fruit, Namkeens field further developed by Shri. Vitthal Gawli & Shri. Eknath Gawli son of Shri. Amrut Gawli.


Being a family owned managed business Anant Halwai has evolved and developed through the sheer grit, determination and efforts of four generations of the Gawli family. Shri. Praful Eknath Gawli expand the business from single traditional shop to four well furnished company owned showrooms, currently he is looking after new product innovations and Quality of products. Shri. Anant Vitthal Gawli is looking after strategy, planning, Franchise and Dealer network. Plan to expand as an National & International brand, looking healthy tie-ups with Middle East Ventures. Shri Bhushan Gawli and Anand Gawli involved in managing all company owned shops, Supply Chain Management activities. Ninad and Laukik Gawli are in implementing complete management systems to run day to day business activities with support of systems and consultants.